What we do

volunteer-Africa-children-smilingThe Sweetwater volunteer Project offers a wide range of opportunities to volunteer in Africa. Volunteers will be placed to work with local professionals in their chosen field of interest.

We have strong local contacts that will enable us to offer bespoke packages, there will be time to enhance your skills and gain experience in a local work placement.

Placements will be in Gambia within the local village community, or in local schools, hospitals, veterinary, clinics, dentists, or any other establishment that is your area of interest.

Whatever skills and talents you have we will be sure to put them to good use. Be as ambitious as you like, we will support you to develop any idea you have. It can be from something as simple as reading with the children, to developing alternative energy. We are looking forward to supporting you to take ownership of your own placement.

The scope of support needed in this African community is varied and wide. Anything you would like to suggest we will do our very best to make it happen.

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locals fitting solar panelslocals fitting solar panels againvolunteer-Africa-building-projectsvolunteer reading to the childrenLocal children reading from their new bookslocal junior football team with their new kit donated by UK schoolsvolunteer-Africa-children-parents-opening-football-kitvolunteer-Africa-wellvolunteer-Africa-children-helping-outgedeema-gambia-holidays-gallery-5

Children’s Library


A library is being developed on site, a building has been renovated and now what is needed to complete this project is:

Finished004 (3)Waiting to change books!

The completion of this goal will be celebrated as it is such a worthwhile project. Many of the children have no access to books what so ever. It will be a joy to see them enjoy this provision.

March 2015 Solar was installed now the children have light…. they can do homework without a candle:)


Compound Refurbishment Programme

Family CompoundA compounds that are part of our renovation programme.

Many of the local compounds in the village are in a bad state of repair with even the basic home comforts are lacking, we would like to do something about this problem! We would like to nominate the most needy families and start to help them to upgrade their homes even small contributions can make a big difference and the impact of the support is almost instant, it is truly remarkable to witness the joy this act can bring… lets do it friends :)

Village Nursery School Support.

The village does have a Nursery School consisting of 2 classrooms and a small staffroom.

They have very few resources and it is a ongoing task to endeavour to support the building and transform it into a well equipped centre of early years education.

The young pupils and the dedicated staff are a delight to be around, they will touch your heart and give you some long lasting happy memories.




Future Developments

The above projects are our first priority as education of the children is so important; however there are lots of future improvements we want to develop.

Solar Energy Project

We envisage developing solar energy as an alternative power option as there is no electricity in the village.

Having a power source will open up many opportunities:

  • Use of computers so the children can develop IT skills.
  • Refrigeration in order to promote small business in selling ice blocks/cool drinks.
  • Small business in phone charging.
  • Lighting that will enable a place where homework/reading can be done in safety ( many children study with candle light which is very unsafe and house fires can be a serious issue)

Student Sponsors

It is our goal that every child in the village can access appropriate education.

The projects we want to develop are many, however we have highlighted a few for you to consider. Of course for any of these worthwhile goals to come to fruition we need not only the valuable skills of the volunteers but also financial assistance in order for us all the make the positive difference we hope for.

The web site will be updated as each project develops and is completed. Long after your visit you will be able to keep track of the improvements you shared in making for the local village community with the support of the Geedema Charity Project.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your donation which can be as little or as much as you can manage. A big big thank you for any way you can support the Geedema Sweetwater Charity Project.