Gambian Holidays


Stay with us on your trip to The Gambia…. we offer small but clean rooms in African Style Round Houses, each room has a double bed with shower and toilet. There is no electricity in the rooms so light is from solar lamps. We have electricity in the social area so you can charge your phone. We provide bed sheets and towels for your personal use. A laundry service is available for a reasonable fee. We are located on the outskirts of Birkama a town that has a busy market and a local craft market with lots of interesting crafts to see. We are 45 minutes from the tourist area and night life of Senegambia and transport can be arranged should you with to visit. Our nearest beach is Sanyang Paradise Beach which is just as it says, very pretty. Lots of trips can be arranged, and workshops to keep you busy. You can relax on out peaceful site in safe secure surrounding. You will experience the real Gambia being so close to the local village community.

We offer many different options to keep all your party involved in our many different options.

£15 per person per night

Self catering or we can provide local food at reasonable costs. 

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Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye

Drum Making

Drum Making

We can arrange various workshops for your enjoyment.

Prices range from £30 to £50 for a half day.





 Examples of some or the crafts you can take part in.. You will enjoy to learn new skills. All taught by experienced Gambian Community.




 Sand painting


Gambia is a popular destination for fishing therefore we can arrange for you fishing trips.

River fishing from Denton Bridge Banjul  or  Sea Boat Fishing

£50 per person for a half day trip.

£80 per person for a full day trip.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in the Gambia is very popular as Gambia is well known for the many different species of Birds.

In order for you to make the most of your time we work with Bird Guides who are registered with the Gambia Birdwatching Association.  Our guides have a excellent knowledge of the birds and their habitats, and know the best times and places to spot the various species. They will plan your trips with you when you arrive depending on the time of year and your requests they will ensure you have a wonderful experience.

The approximate price is £50 per person for a half day trip and £90 per person for a full day trip.

Over night trips can be arranged should you wish to explore a wider area.

All the best bird watching sites are well known to our guides and you wont be disappointed in how much you will gain for their expertise.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.